21-150.B: JRTC Board Meeting Minutes


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JRTC Board Meeting Notes


What follows are the notes from the December meeting of the Jackson River Technical Center Joint Board of Control.


Present: Jonathan Arritt (Chairman, Covington City), Bert Baker (Vice Chairman, Covington City), Tamala Preston (Covington City), Gerald Franson (Alleghany County), Donnie Kern, virtually (Alleghany County), Jacob Wright (Alleghany County), Glenn Spangler (JRTC Director), Melody Weese (Clerk), Melinda Snead-Johnson (Covington Superintendent), and Sherman Callahan (Alleghany County Acting Superintendent)   


  1.  The minutes of the November meeting were approved. 


  2.  Mr. Spangler reported the CARES Act fund request was submitted in August and has still not been approved.  He was told they are working on the requests and hope to have answers soon.  He requested $34,464.23 and expects for approximately one half of that amount to be approved. 


  3.   Mr. Spangler noted a lot of students are learning virtually.  All Covington City Public Schools are teaching virtually with a few Covington High School students attending JRTC, with permission to do so.  For example, JRTC normally has 89 students in the building during 1st block and right now there are approximately 20 students attending classes in person.  Attendance is below 25% of normal.  He also noted that grades are not good at this time.  This is in part to some students not doing their work and some are genuinely struggling with hybrid/virtual learning.  All districts seem to be facing the same issues, he noted.


  4.  Mr. Spangler provided a copy of the 2020-2021 SEDF report.  In 2019 there were 458 students and in 2020 there are 501 students.  He also noted that the report shows zero students in dual enrollment classes.  Last year at this time there were also zero; however, by year’s end there were 28.  Students will be registered for dual enrollment in the spring.


  5.  Mr. Spangler provided a copy of an updated budget worksheet for 2021-2022. He noted that the numbers are preliminary and subject to change when new information becomes available.  He explained the increase in carryover funds to use for additional expenses so as not to burden either school system.  ACPS is down approximately $27,000 and CCPS is up approximately $27,000 due to enrollment numbers.  He noted that salary scale step increases were not given last year, but were accounted for in the 2021-2022 budget.  He explained Line item 2222 for Hybrid Retirement ICMA-RC benefits did not exist in prior budgets, but with increased hybrid employees it needs to be added as a line item now. 


  6.  The Board approved bills in the amount of $11,124.83.  Bills and salaries in the amount of $97,057.11 were also paid in accordance with approved salary scales and fringe benefits.


The meeting adjourned at 12:17p.m.