Solicitations For Bids and/or Proposals

Alleghany County Public Schools

                                   INVITATION FOR BIDS and/or PROPOSALS
IFB #ACSB082619: HVAC Building Automation Controls Replacement (Click here for the Newspaper Ad)
             Addendum 1 to IFB #ACSB082619

IFB #ACSB050619: Roof Replacement (Click here for the Newspaper Ad)
             Addendum 1 to IFB #ACSB050619
             Addendum 2 to IFB #ACSB050619
             Addendum 3 to IFB #ACSB050619
             Sharon Elementary School Diagnostic Report
             Attachment 8 - EPDM Restoration Specifications
             Attachment 9 - Sharon Elementary Moisture Survey
             Attachment 10 - Sharon Elementary School 2019 A5
             Attachment 11 - Sharon Elementary School 2019 Roof Plan A2

IFB #ACPS041219AHS: Alleghany High School - New Tech Phase II (Click here for the Newspaper Ad)

IFB #ACSB032819AHS: Nonfriable Vinyl floor tile & Mastics removal

RFP #ACSB-2019-0304: Chromebooks: Hardware, Warranty, Accidental Damage Warranty, Battery Replacement, Shipping Services

RFP #ACSB-2019-0304 Q and A
RFP # ACSB-2019-0304 Q and A : revised 3/19/2019
RFP # ACSB-2019-0304 Q and A : revised 3/20/2019
RFP # ACSB-2019-0304 Q and A: revised 3/21/2019
RFP # ACSB-2019-0304 Q and A: revised 3/22/2019

The Alleghany County School Board is committed to non-discrimination with regard to sex, gender, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law. The following people have been designated as the contacts regarding compliance issues associated with this non-discrimination policy: Jan B. Hobbs, Director of Assessment and Student Success and Fred C. Vaughan, Jr. Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel at the Alleghany County School Board, 100 Central Circle, Low Moor, Virginia 24457. 540-863-1800