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DATE:  July 27, 2016       





Special Education, Homebound, Section 504 Procedures Manual Update


Annual updating and revisions of the procedures manual are necessary to keep current information and practice in the hands of service providers in the Division. The following is a synopsis of the changes made to the manual:

  1. Boys’ Home Students have same enrollment requirements as other students.
  2. Specified triennials begin at least 65 business days before triennial anniversary date.
  3. Specified that medical documentation is required for 504 eligibility.
  4. Student with medical documentation of a diagnosis should be considered for a 504 plan. Removed references to prior interventions before considering 504 eligibility.
  5. Eligibility decision meeting must take place within 65 business days and prior to triennial review date.
  6. Specified documents required in the Category 2 (Special Education) file for eligibility process.
  7. No exceptions to 65 day timeline and triennial anniversary dates.
  8. Added Indicator 9 and 10 requirements to Eligibility Meeting Checklist.
  9. Clarification of Indicator 7 time 2 requirements.
  10. Indicator 13 checklist updated information and requirements.
  11. Specified transition IEP requirements.
  12. Specified IEP addendum required for new disability identifications.
  13. Requirement to obtain written consent before inviting outside agencies to IEP meeting.
  14. Document student’s input in IEP for students choosing not to attend their transition IEP meeting.
  15. Quarterly review meetings for Stay Put IEPs.
  16. Class grades do not document progress toward IEP goals.
  17. Transition plan must include goals for education, training and employment. Independent living is optional. Also, evidence of and information from interest assessment and course of study must be in transition plan.
  18. Consider offering intensive ESY instruction for students more than a year below grade level in basic reading or math skills.
  19. Student and situation specific Prior Written Notices required. No generalized statements of laws or procedural requirements should be used.
  20. Pattern analysis of continuing discipline suspensions required after Manifestation Determination Review.
  21. Direction for data collection for Functional Behavior Assessment.
  22. Maintain documentation of age of majority discussion in Category 2 file. 
  23. If transfer eligibility is not received or does not meet Virginia requirements – get consent to evaluate.
  24. Added previously approved 504 policies and procedures.
  25. Disposal schedule for teacher personal student file contents.
  26. Surrogate parent section updated with statute and citations.
  27. Addressed Occupational therapy and Physical therapy through 504 plan for students not special education eligible.







Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in Virginia (January 25, 2010)


Elizabeth V. Heath, Ph.D.